Picking olives, tasting oil

This path offer a wonderful opportunity to spend the day surrounded by Nature and its scents, to savouring the real taste of the new oil. You will arrive in a farm for a walk in the olive tree grove. There you will learn the amazing history of olive tree, you will set the nets under the trees and, using a rake, gently dislodge the olives. A farmer will be your guide for a tour at the olive oil mill; there you will learn about olive pressing and oil extraction and preservation. The visit ends with oil tasting, to appreciate and distinguish peculiarities and defects of different varieties, and to discover perfect enogastronomical matching for each one.

DURATION: 4/6 hours
SEASON: Autumn (October)
IT INCLUDES: Visit to the partner farm, walk in the olive tree grove, olive harvest, visit at the oil mill (optional), oil tasting